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About us

The Nottingham Business and Entrepreneurship Society (BES) is one of the largest societies at the University of Nottingham, having amassed a community of 2,200+ like-minded individuals. We aim to impact, inspire and inform all students to help them maximise their career potential. Whether it be through workshops, competitions, talks or our exclusive curriculums, BES aims to equip our members with the skills and competencies needed to become the leaders and different thinkers of tomorrow. 

Moreover, BES is the first Business Society in the UK to have created a technology division with the aim being to turn BES into a hub of ideas and innovations. Our newly formed division will offer you an introduction to the exciting world of tech, teaching skills from data science to coding whilst exploring how technology is changing the business landscape and society.


Upon joining, you will have numerous opportunities to get involved in the community we have created - whether that's through our exclusive, unbeatable sports teams or through socials, trips and nights out.

Make sure you join now through the SU website and follow our Instagram and LinkedIn pages. We're looking forward to seeing you all at our events!

2,200 Members





Our mission

To create a diverse community that inspires, informs and impacts students who are passionate about the business world. 

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Jubilee Campus, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, England

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